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History is vital to a rich and broad primary curriculum; helping children make sense of the present as well as the
past. We want our children to learn about who they are; be guided in their decisions and to understand the world in a meaningful context. History at Hawkshead provides our children with a fascinating and exciting platform to do this. We aim to provide children with the building blocks to enable them not only to make progress in history but to enjoy and have fun finding out about the past.


In KS1 children learn about changes in living memory, important people and significant events and significant people/events in their own locality. In KS2 we learn about different eras and ancient civilizations in history from the earliest times to the present day.
Within each area of historical enquiry, children gain historical perspective because we teach common concepts such as: empire, invasion, society, trade, food and farming and homes.
Studying the same concepts in different time periods allows children to compare and contrast the developments and achievements of different civilizations and eras. We want children to cross reference what was happening and consider what life was like in different parts of the world at the same point in history. Built into the teaching of all units of work is appropriately challenging vocabulary. Children’s chronological knowledge is regularly revised to ensure they have a mental timeline of the past. Methods of historical enquiry include using focused resource boxes, visits to museums and historical sites as well as artefacts, photographic evidence and literature.


Studying history improves our children’s decision making and judgement. Children learn about good (and sometimes not so good) examples of citizenship. It allows them to learn from the mistakes of others. History at Hawkshead
supports our children in becoming responsible citizens of today and tomorrow. The impact of history lessons can be evidenced through book studies and discussions with pupils to ascertain specific subject knowledge and also pupils’ enthusiasm for future learning within the subject.


We endeavour to provide our children with rich and diverse opportunities to help secure and embed their learning. We prioritise opportunities locally as we believe children should know about the history of where they live. We specifically look at the importance of coppicing and charcoal making in our local area and apply this in our outdoor learning in Fletcher’s Field. We also seek opportunities further afield to broaden our pupils’ knowledge and understanding e.g. visiting museums and historical venues on our residential trip to London.

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Hawkshead Primary School, Main St,

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