Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School

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25th February 18
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Fletcher's Field


We are very fortunate to have an outdoor environmental classroom known as Fletcher’s Field.   Its establishment and development is an ongoing project involving children, parents, and the community.  The field itself adjoins the school premises, and is used to facilitate learning across the curriculum.

We are fortunate to have a vegetable garden and greenhouse in this area.  Produce grown at garden club is used by the school kitchen and contributes towards our healthy eating strategy. Year 3/4 look after the hens and collect the eggs. KS1 are responsible for selling the eggs.





Fletcher's Field! Dazzling green grass covers Fletcher's Field. The pond is situated to the far side of the field and is next to the footpath that winds its way right around Fletcher's Field. There you will find flowering blossoms, yellow buttercups, daisies and a wide variety of trees. If you look under stones, leaves and bushes you will find the smallest and most exciting insects.



Fletcher’s Field is a haven full of wildlife and blossoming trees, with blades of grass as sharp as knives. Along with all the wildlife we have a pond hosting a great habitat for creatures and plants. Sculptures of sheep, beetles and ladybirds are found all over the field.

Fletcher's Field is a place of lovely green grass, trees full of blossom and amazing insects. We do activities like forest schools, orienteering, sports day, gardening club and even more exciting activities. All year round we do lessons outside like art, P.E and poetry. Whenever you go into Fletcher's Field it is always full of life, with toads near to the pond and birds chirping in the trees.