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25th February 18
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Eco School


Eco School




              An eco school is a school that cares about the environment and looks at the ways they can help with global issues. We have our very own eco committee that meet every month to talk about ways to improve our eco school.  

     We do things like recycling, composting and saving electricity. We recycle things like paper, card, plastic and stamps. We compost our fruit peelings at break and lunchtime.

     We also have a vegetable patch where we plant the vegetables in our very own compost and then pick them to have in our school lunches (yum yum!!). We also have a cookery club were we learn how to use the produce and eat healthily. Years 3/4 take responsibility for caring for the hens in Fletcher's Field and KS1 sell the eggs.

      We have achieved our {C}Sustainable School and Healthy Eating Award. We are always looking for new ways that we can help improve the environment. We have been awarded tne Eco Schools GREEN FLAG twice!! We are a GREEN FLAG AMBASSADOR SCHOOL.This is the next step up from the GREEN FLAG and recognises the sustainable ethos of the school and the fact that we reach out to help other groups to work towards being more sustainable.


Case Study

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